‘Trendy Tuesday’ Morning Miles

Good morning 🙂

There is something to be said about working out in the morning. Boy does it set the tone for a great day. I was a bit worried about waking up this morning because it was my first morning run after a week off and during that week came the cold and snowy weather. I don’t do well in the cold so I was not looking forward to facing these chilly morning runs. In preparation for the cold I set out a pretty fashionable outfit that would hopefully withstand the temperature. And it certainly did. So much so that I ended up ditching the top layer in a bush and ran in all black..in the dark… Not the brightest idea. I’ll eventually get this whole morning cold gear down.



 I did face some snow flurries on the run but overall it was quite nice. I intended to go out for 6 miles but tacked on an additional mile for kicks. I always find that my morning runs end up going longer than expected and when I run in the afternoon, I am exhausted and have a tendency to go shorter than planned.


It wouldn’t be a complete post without a summary of some of my morning eats. I usually need to get something in my body before I workout…and I like eating so I opt for a banana, a little NuttZo and black coffee. I like to leave a little bit of the banana left to slice onto my toast after my run 🙂 I can’t stress enough how amazing that NuttZo is. There is something beautiful about spreading it on your toast and seeing the flaxseeds and nuts.


 Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

What is your favorite morning run fuel?

Do you prefer to run in the heat or the cold?

What is your favorite cold weather running gear?

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