The OFFICIAL Launch of the Blog

Though this is my 4th post, today was the day that I officially “launched my blog”.

Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous posting the link to my facebook and my instagram.  I think it’s the whole “vulnerability” factor.  Although my fitness instagram and blog are public, sometimes I still convince myself that no one is actually reading it so I am less afraid of being 100% real.  As soon as the link is posted, that little bit of insecurity starts kicking in.  Do I really want people to read my writing?  Is there a gramatical error in here that just made someone really annoyed? What if they think it’s terrible?  Are they going to judge my race results?  DOES THIS DARN THING EVEN WORK?  


I had to remind myself of the true purpose of this blog.  It’s not about flaunting my skills/results/knowledge..or lack there of all these.  It’s about being real and connecting with others who are trying to balance the craziness of being healthy but wanting a giant bowl of ice cream, getting in workouts but wanting to curl up on the couch and watch crap T.V and all the other mind battles we face on a daily basis.

Or I can still convince myself that no one is reading this despite all my social media posts and I am actually just talking to myself…now I feel awkward. 

But if you are reading this..THANK YOU! and I hope you continue.

Happy Friday!


Run and Rope Climbs

Yup. Just another fashionable start to the morning.



If this style is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  I can’t help that I love my ProCompression socks and my favorite spandex to run in are capris.



What? How did that get on here.  Guilty. Yup. This definitely was my Pandora station of choice and this is definitely the song that got me out the door.  Haha.  I typed  in 90’s Hip Hop (really digging a deeper hole here) and then 98 degrees popped up.  It was a given.  I had to do it.

I can confidently say that I completely embarassed myself before 6am even rolled around.  That’s pretty impressive.  Whats not so impressive was the length of my run, but that is totally okay.  Tonight’s Crossfit WOD is definitely not something I want to walk into with tired legs.


Man that’s a good amount of double unders. My ProCompression socks are not only an essential fashion statement on my runs but I also wear them to many Crossfit trainings.  They help protect my shins from bar bruises, help with the blood flowing during double unders, and they are ESSENTIAL when doing rope climbs.  Not a fan of rope burn all around my ankles.


Another essential part of training is a fueling pre-workout- and this is always my go to. Nothing beats a frozen banana smothered in NuttZo.

What’s your pandora station of choice?

What is your go-to pre workout meal?