The OFFICIAL Launch of the Blog

Though this is my 4th post, today was the day that I officially “launched my blog”.

Not going to lie, I was a bit nervous posting the link to my facebook and my instagram.  I think it’s the whole “vulnerability” factor.  Although my fitness instagram and blog are public, sometimes I still convince myself that no one is actually reading it so I am less afraid of being 100% real.  As soon as the link is posted, that little bit of insecurity starts kicking in.  Do I really want people to read my writing?  Is there a gramatical error in here that just made someone really annoyed? What if they think it’s terrible?  Are they going to judge my race results?  DOES THIS DARN THING EVEN WORK?  


I had to remind myself of the true purpose of this blog.  It’s not about flaunting my skills/results/knowledge..or lack there of all these.  It’s about being real and connecting with others who are trying to balance the craziness of being healthy but wanting a giant bowl of ice cream, getting in workouts but wanting to curl up on the couch and watch crap T.V and all the other mind battles we face on a daily basis.

Or I can still convince myself that no one is reading this despite all my social media posts and I am actually just talking to myself…now I feel awkward. 

But if you are reading this..THANK YOU! and I hope you continue.

Happy Friday!


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