Weekend Workouts and a Free Froyo

Oh, weekend…why are you always so amazing?? I have a feeling every Sunday post will have the same first line.  But really.

After a brutal Friday afternoon crossfit workout..

 image(Yup…still sore as I write this.)

…I  decided that the rest of the night should be spent on the couch.  Until this happened…Why is there nothing good on at 6? Alright FINE.  I’ll get up to get a RedBox movie.  And THAT was the extent of my night…no complaints here.

For all you visual learners

image Thankfully, the lazy Friday night transpired into a great Saturday morning run.  I planned on going out for 10 miles but with no upcoming races, I told myself to listen to my body before setting high expectations.  LUCKILY, my body was in tune with my mind and 10 miles was complete 🙂

image  Why are runs much more enjoyable and FASTER when you have no expectations…

Boy did it feel great to just get out there and run in the beautiful fall weather with no upcoming races to subconsciously stress over.  I was not thrilled about seeing 21 degrees on my phone when I got up, but it ended up feeling great.  I am getting used to the whole the first couple of miles are all about getting warm, suck it up.  Always easier said/typed than done.

I could attribute my decent pace to something cool and useful but really…I think it was because I was excited for my post run breakfast.  Food will always make you move faster.


..with a little pure maple syrup drizzled on there and a heaping shake of cinnamon.  Perfect.

Now lets fast forward a few hours later because I KNOW some of you are like “yuck that IS NOT perfect. But it is. The usual Saturday night cheat meal was perfect.  Went out to Indian food and…oh look my dessert was featured on instagram by @hungrybetches


Just kidding. But I DO think it was a close comparison.  In fact. There is a contest at the Froyo place that we go to that gives you the froyo for free if you hit 15 ounces EXACT when you weigh it.  Lets just say ONE of us got free froyo…and one of us went over 15 ounces…haha.  Can you guess who went over??? Yup.  Me. BUT LETS KEEP IN MIND WHO RAN 10 MILES EARLIER…

My satisfied belly and sore legs woke up early for a Sunday 90-minute Hot Yoga class. For anyone that thinks Yoga is easy..shame on you.  The first 3 minutes of today’s class was spent in a painful wall sit while the temperature was getting increasingly unbearable.   I wholeheartedly believe that today’s class was more challenging than many runs and even some crossfit workouts.  I signed up for a 10 class card because I have noticed such a difference in my performance outside of Yoga.  My posture. My flexibility.  My breathing.  It’s been great.


 The absurd amount of sweat..that is NOT great.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Sunday is a little better knowing that there is only 2 1/2 days before a long weekend 🙂

What is your favorite cheat meal?

What day do you prefer to do your long runs?

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