Yoga, Running and A Trip Down Memory Lane

How is it already Sunday?  Where have I been??

I am pretty sure today is the first time I am not sore since Tuesday’s front squat WOD.  I have to attribute some of that ease to today’s 90-minute hot power yoga session.  Man did I need that 90-minutes  for many reasons.  1.) I needed a solid stretch after a week of intense workouts and yesterdays 9 miler.  2.) I needed to sweat out the salt from yesterday’s Mexican date night!image

I figured it was obligatory to walk to the nearest juice bar after yoga and order a beet, kale, carrot, Spirulina, and bee pollen juice.  It was not very delicious but it felt good to get some superfoods in me after a not so healthy dinner.

Lets rewind to Friday. Fridays are my rest days so the extent of my workout was encouraging others to kick butt in THEIR workouts.  The track team that I am helping coach had their first meet on Friday night.  I forgot how long track meets are…especially on a Friday night.  Despite the excitement of cheering the team on, I definitely had some emotional moments.  I sometimes miss those high school glory days.  I often wish I could hop in a time machine and go back to my college years and then make a pit stop at my high school years.  My life has been far from perfect but I have a great past to look back on filled with many memorable moments with great people.  BUT the best part of all is being able to sit here today with a great past behind me AND a long road of future accomplishments ahead.  I am stronger, healthier, and faster than ever and this is just the beginning.

Okay that got a little intense.  Time to bring it back down to food and workouts of course.


Saturday morning was a perfect sun-shining morning with chilly but comfortable running weather.  My right ankle/calf tendon has been acting up a bit so I was not sure how far I would be able to go.  I stopped to massage it a few times on my run which seemed to help eas some discomfort.  I managed to get just over 9 miles done at a decent pace which was more than I expected but boy was my calf sore later in the day…

It may not have been the smartest move but hopefully with some TLC and today’s yoga, it will all be okay.


Post run was this strange hodgepodge of things…egg omelette, Ezekiel toast with banana and goji berries and cacao nibs sprinkled over it all.


Can’t help but do a close up on something so delicious

It has been another wonderful weekend and it ended with a perfect family lobster Sunday dinner 🙂 I am ready to take on this work week and then its only two more days until winter vacation!

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