T.G.I.F..and Rest Day

imageThis may not have been my immediate reaction when I rolled out of bed but it is safe to say that by the time I walked out the work doors this afternoon, it went a little something like that.

I am not only happy that it is Friday but I am also very happy that it is rest day.  My body definitely needs it.  My legs are not nearly as sore as last week but my upper body can’t take another push up or push press…hell it hurts just to put my hair up. ha ha

Yesterday was a pretty long and eventful day.  It was one of those days where you just bounce from one thing to the next and eventually just cant wait to get home and go straight to bed.  The track team had a 6:45-9:30 meet.  When I first saw that time on the schedule, my immediate thought was..wait what?  People are still up at that hour..LET ALONE HIGH SCHOOLERS? From 9pm on, I am most likely passed out on the couch with the Big Bang Theory on in the background.  I often wonder if I’ve ever watched a FULL Big Bang Theory episode. haha.

Well the time was no joke.  With a stop at Whole Foods for dinner after Crossfit..


…..and a Venti Americano on the way to the meet, I managed to stay awake and cheer everyone on!  Yup. I am complaining about having to be awake at such a late hour while the team is not only awake, BUT RACING. The athletes are ALL winners for just being able to do that!

I broke away from my oatmeal this morning because I was craving eggs and fruit.


Oatmeal is great, but eggs with NuttZo and coconut flakes paired with an apple and cinnamon is just one perfectly, sweet concoction.

With no meat left in the house, we hit up a local farm stand this afternoon and stocked up on eggs and grass-fed beef.  Which obviously meant homemade burgers on Ezekiel toast for dinner…and Friday night wine of course.  No better way to end the work week 🙂

Speaking of that 9 pm bedtime that I mentioned earlier.  It is currently 8:50 and that time is fast approaching.  Then again, it is Friday, maybe we will live on the wild side and watch a movie.  Gosh, I really make myself sound like such a fun person 😉

Hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy the wonderful weekend!

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