An Extra Rest Day and an Extra Ugly Sweater

Well hello, lets address some things…

1.  There is 1 day that stands between me and Christmas vacation.

2. I just finished Christmas Shopping

3.  I got to spend Sunday with my parents and relatives while watching my cousin perform in one of the funniest plays I have every seen

…I guess you can say things are going pretty great over here.

Friday’s are usually my rest days, as you can tell from my last post, but sometimes 1 day just is not enough…and the Christmas presents are not going to wrap themselves.

In the last two weeks I do not think there was a day where I wasn’t sore somewhere.  I am all for soreness – I like to associate the soreness with hard work and growth, but it is important to let the soreness alleviate so your muscles have the appropriate amount of time to repair.  Not to mention, you can’t give your workouts 100% if your body is still screaming from your last workout.

Despite the fact that my screaming quads are preventing me from today’s team WOD, I have to say.. it was totally worth it.  Saturday’s workout was brutally awesome. 5 rounds: 10 Bodyweight backsquats,  1 rope climb and 10 burpees.  Once I completed that, I did a little mini WOD of 50-40-30-20-10 situps with 10 airsquats between each round. AND when I completed that, I did a little ‘lay on floor for far too long’ WOD


Oh. the coaches are trying to pack up and go..I guess thats my cue

I was really hoping that this amazing post workout meal would work its magic and quickly repair my legs..


…no such luck. But it did work its magic on my taste buds.  Nothing like sweet cinnamon and coconut baked chicken, butternut squash and plain broccoli.

I also thought that an early morning 90-minute power hot yoga session would help alleviate the soreness.  Not only was this another “no such luck” response..I think it actually made me more sore. Darn, power yoga is tough.  Every time I am just about to come down from a holding position because my legs or arms are screaming, the yoga instructor spits out a line like, “THE ONLY THING LETTING YOU FAIL IS YOU.“…ugh, stop reading my mind! okay FINE. I’ll stay up and put up the fight.  I want to yell back at him sometimes, but he is so right.  Our minds have a tendency to stop us from pushing further even though our body can handle the fight.  If only we had a travel yoga instructor to carry with us and stop us from letting our mind take over. Oh right, that’s that thing called, willpower.  Anyways, it’s a great reminder for any situation.  Our mind and thoughts often try to get the best of us but it is only YOU who can let it previal.  Put up the fight and breakthrough the negativity.

Speaking of willpower… today I fought the urge to say DUH to every person that asked if I was participating in the school’s ugly sweater day..


Yes. Yes I am.


Because there is such a resembelence between that and casual Friday’s outfit.. haha

Hope everyone had a great Monday!… and remember WILLPOWER when you are about lose your mind while Christmas shopping 😉 There is much more to Christmas than shopping and gifts.

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