Happy New Year!

Hello 2015 🙂


Happy New Years!

I could start this post with the whole, “New Year, New You”, “Time to get your life together and set goals”.. but to be honest, that is not really how I view New Years.  Was 2014 perfect? No. But was 2014 one awesome journey? Absolutely.  Do I hope to grow in 2015? Absolutely. Not because it’s a new year, but because every day I hope to get a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, a little bit nicer, a little bit more confident…I just want to be a little bit better than the day before.  Sometimes I have to move backward or fall down in order to move forward, but that is all part of the ride.  There are plenty of days where I can say, well I was a selfish, rude, or lazy person today. I am not proud of those days but I am proud I can be honest with myself and those around me and admit when I wasn’t acting like the person I want to be.

Another reason I am not a huge fan of the whole ‘New Year need to create resolutions’ is because of this little thing called REALITY.  You can set yourself up for great health and success but you can’t promise everything will be perfect.  2014 had a fair share of unexpected injuries but it also had its fair share of new experiences and some new PRs.  At the start of 2014, I had no idea that I would discover crossfit, and the wonderful guy that introduced me to it.  No where in my New Year’s Instagram post from 2014 did I say anything about Crossfit.  Instead I talked about my desire to compete in a figure competition.  Ha Ha. Well.  I didn’t do that whatsoever.  Does that mean I failed? No way.  Deciding not to compete was the healthiest thing I could have done in 2014.  Tracking everything you eat, training for the sole purpose of being lean and muscular and revolving your life around strutting a lean package on a stage while covered in self-tanner and lots of make-up while someone sits and judges you is a recipe for body issues, eating disorders and STRESS. Yah, no thanks.

So, I guess what I am getting at is…everyday you learn something about yourself.  You learn what works for you and what doesn.’t.  New Year resolutions and the desire to revamp your lifestyle at the beginning of the year can be great but I believe that if you wake up every morning grateful for the things around you, excited to work hard on the tasks you have and take time to enjoy the lazy moments with the people around you…you will have a great year.  Perfect year? No. But a good one.

I have no idea what to expect in 2015 but I can certainly say I started it off doing the things I love.

I was able to run 3 pain-free miles this morning.  I felt some pain as I was finishing up the 3 miles so I am still in the healing process BUT I am thankful to get out for even just a couple of miles.


I then purchased a new Honda CRV 2015!!! (I have been shopping around for a while, this wasn’t a random event)  Deciding the color was the hardest part! I chose black but as I walked out after putting in the order, I was still worried I made the wrong choice.  Thankfully I had to rush to Crossfit where I had the opportunity to tune out all the indecisiveness and worry for a whole hour.  Man I love how working out just lets you tune out the stress in your life and allows you to come back with a clear mind.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2015! Work hard, stress less and embrace the adventure!

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