A Snowed-In Weekend Recap

Hi All!

With another Snow Day in the books, I have time to get in a solid post.  I also have a little fur friend that is here to help me with my grammatical errors…

imageIf there are any mistakes (which I am sure there will be based on his on current status), you can blame him 🙂

It was another great weekend filled with some crossfit, some yoga, some arcade high scores and a much-needed massage.

All of which were not done on Friday because I was too busy running around all afternoon getting everything settled with my new car.  Yup, it is FINALLY in.  But of course, I still do not have it because of the snow…which is FINE by me.  I rather not to have my first ride in the new car be a slipe n’ slide on the highway.

The theme for Saturday was “fifties”…and no, I am not talking about the style.

imageYup.  That was a tough one.  A 50 cal row really puts 50 calories into perspective. Hell, I didn’t know it took so much to burn off a meager 50 calories. Unfortunately, that realization did not stop me from inhaling a wonderful post workout sweet potato with almond butter.

imageGoing along with the whole “fifties” theme, I thought it would be fitting to drop that much on our favorite Indian restaurant at dinner.  $50 of Indian > 50 Wall Balls…just in case you all were wondering.  I contemplated continuing with the fifties theme and shoot for a combo 50 oz of froyo.  This time around we saved our stomach and our bank account and put the 50’s theme to rest.

This Sunday morning was a bit different from the past few Sundays.  I stuck with the yoga thing but I switched it up a bit.  My crossfit box holds a group yoga on Sundays before the afternoon WOD so I decided to skip hot yoga and do the double session.  I was not feeling the whole, ‘sweat like pig and be extremely hot and drained’ thing.

And the crossfit Yoga session was later in the day so I was able to take the fur child on a snowy hike  AND I was able to make delicious pre-workout banana pancakes.

image1 banana, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp coconut flour and cinnamon with some cacao nibs and coconut flakes sprinkled in

The hour yoga at crossfit was the perfect stretch and we had a great partner WOD after. I can never pass on a partner WOD, they are the best.  It is one thing to push yourself in a workout for YOURSELF, but it is 10x more fun and motivating when you are pushing for someone else as well.

I thought my workouts for the day were over but that was not the case..

imageWith 15 minutes to spare before American Sniper, I couldn’t resist a little NBA shootout. Don’t be fooled with this picture. I didn’t just tie the high score, I set that high score.  Tickets were spitting out of the machine, why can’t those tickets be dollar bills??  At the age of 25, I don’t think I need any more plastic toys or bouncy balls so I gave the tickets to some other kids.

Actually, at the age of 25, I probably shouldn’t be in an arcade at all…

If you have not seen American Sniper, I urge you to check it out.  It was great!

I knew the weather was going to take a turn for the worse Monday evening so I figured I would get in a morning treadmill workout.

imageIt was only 4 miles but it was pain-free and felt great.  At this point – that is all I care about.


I also did some stability work in hopes of strengthening my tibia.  Who knows how much this is helping with healing my tibia but there is no harm in strengthening your ankles, calves, and overall balance.  If you are mastering the BOSU ball balance, I challenge you to do it while trying to take a picture…game changer!

Thankfully the snow held off a bit and I was able to get in a team WOD.

imageJust when I thought partner WODS were great, team WODS proved to be even better.  The workout was rough but we had a blast and managed to get it all in under the 20″ cap at the buzzer!  (scaled the reps a bit)

And after a wonderful day of workouts, grading tests and finalizing everything with my new car…the snow really started picking up.  It was time to call it a night with some dinner and lots of Greys Anatomy on the couch…

imageI am not sure what is in store today with all the snow but as long as we are all safe and together, that is all that matters.


I found this quote on Instagram and thought I would share because it is exactly how I feel at the moment.  Some days my runs are great – some days they are not.  Some days I feel like running forever – some days I don’t even want to run a mile.  The stress of upcoming races have a tendency to dictate what I do, or what I feel like I should be doing.  However, I am confident that simply doing what my body feels like doing and giving it my absolute best will get me to where I need to be. And if not, at least I can say I did what I wanted to do rather than what I felt I needed to do. Having fun and enjoying each workout is always most important.

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