A Running Buddy, A New Car, and Some Self-Love

Happy Saturday!

 I usually don’t write on Saturdays because I am too busy embracing the day..or just relaxing on the couch after morning crossfit.  But since I had some work to do at Barnes and Noble, I guess I will also jump on here and say Hi!

Last post was Tuesday morning in the midst/ending of the snow storm and I wasn’t sure what was happening aside from lounging on the couch due to the driving ban.  Luckily, the fur friend, that also served as my grammar police last post, gave me the motivation to get outside and do some running.

imageHurry up Mom, stop taking pictures!”  This was AFTER we started out on what I thought, was going to be a nice little snowy walk. He was not on my level.  He started running like the tenacious Corgi he is, so being the wonderful mom that I am, I ran with him.  Doesn’t he know that heavy snow boats and a long winter jacket is not the most comfortable running outfit.  After one lap around the block, I got on his level – changed my shoes, ditched the jacket and we set out for another mile.  We were also on the same level when we got inside..crash on the couch.

I was very surprised by how great and tough it was to run in the beautiful snow so after a little afternoon nap, I ditched the fur friend or he ditched my idea, laced up and set out for a longer run.

imageIt was by no means long, but it was tough!  The slushy snow  really makes you work for each step.  And even with thick gloves, my hands were starting to go numb on me.

On Wednesday, I took the 2-hour school delay as an opportunity to hang with the 6am crossfit crew.  And by hang, I literally mean hang…on the bar for lots of Toes to Bars.

image  image

Despite its toughness, we still managed to pull ourselves together for a few smiles in honor of Haider’s birthday! Such a great group of people.

It was also nice to get my workout done early because I had something special waiting for me in the afternoon that had to be taken care of..


YUP! It finally came in! I may not like what it did to my bank account but I love everything else about it.

The excitement of this car transpired into the kitchen because I whipped up an amazing dinner.


Instead of boring marinara sauce that is often loaded with salt and sugar, I decided to make my own sauce creation.  2 cans of no salt diced tomatoes with chopped mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions, garlic and basil.  It was amazing and has been poured over just about everything on my plate for the last 3 days. I poured it over my ground turkey and I even used it as a salad dressing to jazz up my boring chopped head of romaine lettuce.

The other night I saw this on Instagram and I just had to repost.  I gave a pretty long speech on what these words mean to me on my Instagram but I am going to speak more to it now.

imageWhen I read that, I immediately thought of myself and my transformation over the last year.  This time last year, I was planning on competing in a fitness competition.  I have always been into working out and keeping my body healthy being a college athlete and a runner, but once I started prepping for the competition it hit a level that was not mentally healthy.  Everything I ate was tracked.  I had to eat every 2.5 hours on the dot.  I had to do morning cardio at 4 am. I had to lift after work.   I convinced myself I was dedicated, but all I really was was obsessive.  My time at the gym was based on burning calories not on training to be a better runner, not trainging to be a stronger athlete, simply training to be LEAN. I was moody, hungry, tired, and just always anxious.  “And then something happens.” For me it was someone. I met someone who understood the lifestyle but also knew what this lifestyle can mentally do to someone, especially after the fitness show is over.  It took some time to break my old habits but it was the best thing I could have done for my body and my mind. Sometimes I even have to laugh at my past because I am currently stronger, healthier, and overall HAPPIER than I ever was by just living life with wonderful people and working out to push myself as an athlete and a runner, not to be lean.  Do I still watch what I eat? Yes.  Do I still care about how my body looks? Yes.  It is certainly important to be conscious of your health and nutrition.  But I am also willing to let loose, go out for a nice burger, have a class of wine at night, lay on the couch instead of going for a run…and do it without any hesitation or guilt.  I have learned to simply love my body because it is who I am.  My body is strong, it is healthy, it has given me power and strength through times when my mind was ready to give up.  I don’t need my abs popping and I certainly do not need a judge at a fitness competition to tell me I am fit.  I know who I am.  And I know that even when I come home from date nights with the biggest belly filled with froyo and burgers, my body is still beautiful. 

imageI remember when that special someone sent this to me. It could not be more true. Just be YOU.

imageAnd now we say, good bye! Have a great a Saturday night!

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