Andddd the Patriots did it again! What an exciting game.  The halftime show…not so much.  I never thought I would be so excited to see/hear Missy Elliot after my high school years.  I am really not sure why Katy Perry and dancing sharks singing California Girls was someone’s idea as the perfect form of entertainment in the middle of an event watched by almost every male in America…

Aside from the halftime show and the actual game, lets talk about the next best thing about the Superbowl…actually that would be food and since I didn’t have an exciting food platter lets skip to the next, NEXT best thing. Commercials. I loved the “Like a Girl” commercial and I love the #runlikeagirl trend thats going around Instagram even more.  So, in honor of the commercial and the empowerment of females in general, I posted this photo on Instagram because I am proud to say that I #runlikeagirl

imageI am also proud to say that I was finally able to run a nice 6 miler outside yesterday morning.

imageA couple of months ago, this run would have been considered short. But then setbacks happen – in this case, my tibia.  Though injuries are difficult to deal with, there is always a silver lining and a lesson learned with each injury. They keep me grounded and help me remember that no run should be taken for granted.  They remind me that sometimes the distance of the run is not what’s important, rather the ability to run is.  Being able to run, even if it’s just a mile is something to smile about.  So when I logged 6 miles yesterday, I was definitely all smiles.

I was also all smiles when my mom finished her 11 mile run at the same time I finished my run so we could go to a yoga class together.  It was her first yoga class so I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as I did, but I am happy she gave it a shot.  Like anything you try, the first time is always awkward and confusing.  The hardest part is sometimes just dealing with the insecurities of looking confused.  But once those first few embarassing classes are over, the language and the movements become familiar and you can focus on the practice and not on trying to look like you aren’t a total mess.  Though it is hard to fit yoga into my training between balancing crossfit and running, I try to get in a yoga class at least once a week.  I truly believe it has helped with preventing further injuries and helps heal my sore muscles.  Mobility and flexibility are crucial in running and are so frequently overlooked.

As for today’s workout, it pretty much involved shoveling all the snow or laying on the couch.  After last week’s snow storm, which started with shoveling and somehow turned into a snowy run with my fur friend, he now associates my shoveling outfit with a run.  I couldn’t let him down, so I furthered this association and took him on a snowy run around the block.  It didn’t take long before our eye lashes were becoming icicles so we called it quits pretty early.  It also didn’t take long before we returned to the couch.

imageI would have loved to get a solid lift in today but sometimes things shake up your schedule and you just got to roll with it!

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