Sunny Long Run, Deck of Hell and First Fishing Trip of the Season

Happy Tuesday!

I definitely just changed that from Happy Monday to Happy Tuesday because my intentions for posting this yesterday fell through…

That weekend flew by but it was awesome!  My team had a night game on Friday and the team had a  beautiful turf field with music blasting.  It definitely brought back memories of my college games with such a professional and amped up atmosphere.  I will forever miss my lacrosse days.  There is nothing more special than game day and the opportunity to play your favorite sport with your best friends.  Ahh memory lane. Always sad that it’s over but forever grateful that it happened!

Enough with the sappy lines, moving on!   Saturday was an eventful and exhausting day starting with an awesome crossfit workout.  We all decided to ditch the workouts we had planned and did a workout called the “Deck of Hell”.  Our coach had a deck of cards and assigned a move to each suite. Our four movements were burpees, pull ups, med ball cleans and weighted sit-ups.  Every time a card was flipped we had to do the move as many times as the number on the card and Jokers were 200m sprints.  It didn’t sound too tough of a WOD when we started but when the face cards keep popping up meaning 11 burpees or 11 pull-ups, it became clear how the workout got it’s name!

With a great WOD done and the sun shinning, it was time to dust off the fishing poles and kayaks for our first fishing adventure of the season.  It was more of tanning session with the lack of bites BUT I did catch 3!


The ‘Deck of Hell’ and a few fish later, we were definitely due for a big ol’ burger and nachos and that is exactly what went down after a quick nap.

After checking the weather for my long run on Sunday, I decided that an early morning wake-up was essential if I wanted to beat the heat and spare myself from a brutal run in the sun.  However, my body and phone had other plans.  My alarm never went off, which is how Sundays should be, so at 9am I flew out of bed, laced up and headed out as fast as I could. Despite the effort, I definitely did not beat the heat and probably did not hydrate as well as I should have because it was a hot one!


Any runner can attest that stopping just short of an even mile is just not something you do.  Even if you have to run up and down your driveway until you get that even mile, you WILL do it. But unfortunately, I was way too thirsty to check where I was at.  I knew I was well past 10 miles and that was enough for me to call it quits.

The last 5 miles was spent dreaming of this…


Yup.  There is nothing better than that feeling of being done, kicking back and chugging ice water after.  This position did not last long because I had to coach at noon, but it was glorious while it lasted.

We ended the weekend on a great note with some amazing homemade shrimp tacos!


Picked up some peeled and deveined organic shrimp cooked with Flavor God seasoning, broiled cabbage for some crunch, and homemade paleo tortillas taken from Stupid Easy Paleo.  These new tortillas are perfect!  They cook in 2 minutes, the size can be adjusted based on the frying pan diameter and they fold without breaking!  My next plan is to buy those egg yolk circles to make small, round tortillas as buns for my homemade burgers.

Another perfect meal from the week was a big salad, grilled steak with grilled carrots, sweet potato fries and onions.


I was debating whether I should order red compression socks for this weekend’s Boston Run to Remember Half marathon..then I saw this amazing email!

imageHoly Smokes! What a deal.

I probably do not need any more compression socks and may not even get the red color, but for $39,I am willing to test my luck.  Nothing like a good surprise to add an element of excitement to the work week.  I will keep you all posted on what my Grab Bag has!

Oh and Mei would also like to say hi to you all.  There is nothing better than coming home to this cutie after a long day!


I definitely needed to see this face after a pretty rough day.  I also needed a little extra miles to clear my head so I set out for a slow 4 miler before dinner.  Despite the 50 pistol squats from this morning’s WOD, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be.

Speaking of dinner, we have a pretty classy set up for blocking the sun..


Rumor has it, it’s not permanent but I am not sold on that 😉 Permanent or not, I’m just grateful and happy to have a delicious grilled dinner outside with a beautiful sunset.

Have a great week! Only 4 more days until a nice little racecation with my Mom 🙂

A (day late) Mother’s Day Post!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

I wish I could say this post is a day late because I was too busy making sure my mom had the most amazing Mother’s Day but unfortunately that is not the case.  I can say that we celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom and Grandma on Saturday night and it was so great to have everyone together.  Those two are definitely worth celebrating! They have done one heck of a job as wonderful mothers.

I may not have spent the morning with my mom but I did go on a long run in preparation for the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon that my mom and I are doing in two weeks!


Oh it was a hot one.  I can’t complain about the warm temps just yet because I spent the winter complaining about miserable, snowy and cold runs.  Regardless of the beating sun and the need for a water stop at a local cafe, I’ll take summer heat over winter snow any day.  At least with the heat, you can wake up earlier to try and beat it.  You can’t really beat the snow, once it’s there, it’s there…especially this winter.  Overall the run went great.  My body could definitely tell that my long runs these past few weeks have been consistent 10 milers.  When I get past that 10 mile mark, everything gets tough. Last week’s 13 miler was the same, everything is enjoyable until about mile 10, then that’s when it goes from a long run to a bit of a fight.  But it eventually all gets done 🙂

I was in a bit of a rush to get to my parent’s house to give gifts to my Mom and Grandma but standing in front of the window fan with water for a solid 5 minutes was necessary.


A post-run smoothie bowl was also just was I needed to refuel and allow my body to cool a bit.


Thankfully, I finally stopped sweating and was able to finish 3 more pages in my racing scrapbook just in time to show my mom for Mother’s Day.



I wanted to finish these pages because they were from our Disney Challenge and capture the amazing experience and the fun that we had together.  I love creating this scrap-book for so many reasons.  With each page, I get to relive some incredible memories.  The scrapbook was designed for just half marathons and hopefully a marathon, but the entire Disney Challenge deserved a spot in the book because it was so special.

Though I managed to finish the pages, there is no gift or day that can amount to how thankful I am to have such an incredible mother.  She is amazing is so many ways.  We certainly have had our moments – there is something about that mother-daughter relationship where you know just what to say or do to make them mad, or even worse, make them hurt.  There is no justification for it but you just need to learn from those guilt-filled moments.  And at the end of each day, I truly am blessed to have such an incredible and passionate person in my life.  She has and continues to support me in every aspect of life.  She is the reason I am who I am.  Based on her most recent half marathon times, she still has a ton of fight left in her which makes me incredibly happy because I hope to have many more race-cations.

My scrapbook still has many more pages left and I can only hope that those pages are not just me but us.

Half Marathon Relay/Long Run and some Non-Running PRs

Happy Wednesday….and belated Cinco de Mayo!

I guess the least I could have done last night was make a quick Fajita dinner with some crock pot chicken, onions, peppers and salsa to be festive…but that didn’t happen because after a nice evening bike ride in beautiful weather, steaks on the grill felt like a fitting way to end a great day.

Let’s talk about this weekend’s long run.   There was a local marathon and marathon relay on Sunday. In order to run JUST the half marathon, you had to be part of a relay team – one partner would do the first leg of the marathon and the other would do the second leg. Two of my Crossfit friends signed up for the relay so I thought I would rally up a partner and take part in this relay. By rally up a partner I mean I did the usual, “Hey Mom, do you want to do a half marathon”…and of course, after some uncertainty, I eventually get that wonderful 3 letter word, YES! Unfortunately, it turned into a “No” after a small foot issue she had on a run last week. I tried to muster up a partner but there are very few people who are willing to jump into a half marathon….either I am more brave or they are more wise. I still haven’t figured that one out yet, but since it was such wonderful and enjoyable 13 mile unregistered “race”, I am going to go with brave.  Despite my mom not being able to run the first leg of the relay, I decided to still run the second leg as a bandit with a friend since I had a long run planned for the day anyway. It was my first race running as a bandit and I felt guilty every time I grabbed water, but sometimes you just have to break the rules a little if you want to get in a great training run on a great course surrounded by encouraging people.


Okay, it may not look like im surrounded by encouraging people but I swear there were many moments where I was!

I tried to chat with as many people as possible along the course. Especially those running the marathon. I just couldn’t fathom casually running 26.2 miles around town in some pretty hot weather. Marathoners just blow my mind. I hope one day I can accomplish a marathon just so I can stop being so intrigued by those that run them/stalk them and ask them a billion questions. Overall, it was a perfect run/race. I felt good, I felt fast, and I just enjoyed my time out on the course. There are very few races where I can say that I smiled for the majority of the race. But then again, that’s the difference between a PR race and a fun race. If you could have them both, that would be amazing, but PR races require drive, intensity, pain and perseverance…which usually does not involve a smile until the finish line when the hard work and pain prevail.  I guess that is where my favorite word balance comes up again.  I am learning how to balance my races and am realizing that all races do not need to be a fight, sometimes you can race for the experience.

I may not have recorded a half marathon PR recently however, I have had a couple PRs at Crossfit this week! I PR’d my back squat weight AND I PR’d my 2000m and 500m row.

Though I am proud of my Crossfit accomplishments, I do hope to have  a half marathon PR soon. My next race is the Boston Run to Remember over Memorial Day weekend. I had a PR last year with a 1:27 but broke that at the Hartford Half Marathon in October. The new time to beat is 1:26.32.   My running is not as frequent as it was last year but my strength and mobility has significantly improved. We will have to see on May 24th which will prevail – regardless of the result, a race is a race!  Be grateful for the ability!