Half Marathon Relay/Long Run and some Non-Running PRs

Happy Wednesday….and belated Cinco de Mayo!

I guess the least I could have done last night was make a quick Fajita dinner with some crock pot chicken, onions, peppers and salsa to be festive…but that didn’t happen because after a nice evening bike ride in beautiful weather, steaks on the grill felt like a fitting way to end a great day.

Let’s talk about this weekend’s long run.   There was a local marathon and marathon relay on Sunday. In order to run JUST the half marathon, you had to be part of a relay team – one partner would do the first leg of the marathon and the other would do the second leg. Two of my Crossfit friends signed up for the relay so I thought I would rally up a partner and take part in this relay. By rally up a partner I mean I did the usual, “Hey Mom, do you want to do a half marathon”…and of course, after some uncertainty, I eventually get that wonderful 3 letter word, YES! Unfortunately, it turned into a “No” after a small foot issue she had on a run last week. I tried to muster up a partner but there are very few people who are willing to jump into a half marathon….either I am more brave or they are more wise. I still haven’t figured that one out yet, but since it was such wonderful and enjoyable 13 mile unregistered “race”, I am going to go with brave.  Despite my mom not being able to run the first leg of the relay, I decided to still run the second leg as a bandit with a friend since I had a long run planned for the day anyway. It was my first race running as a bandit and I felt guilty every time I grabbed water, but sometimes you just have to break the rules a little if you want to get in a great training run on a great course surrounded by encouraging people.


Okay, it may not look like im surrounded by encouraging people but I swear there were many moments where I was!

I tried to chat with as many people as possible along the course. Especially those running the marathon. I just couldn’t fathom casually running 26.2 miles around town in some pretty hot weather. Marathoners just blow my mind. I hope one day I can accomplish a marathon just so I can stop being so intrigued by those that run them/stalk them and ask them a billion questions. Overall, it was a perfect run/race. I felt good, I felt fast, and I just enjoyed my time out on the course. There are very few races where I can say that I smiled for the majority of the race. But then again, that’s the difference between a PR race and a fun race. If you could have them both, that would be amazing, but PR races require drive, intensity, pain and perseverance…which usually does not involve a smile until the finish line when the hard work and pain prevail.  I guess that is where my favorite word balance comes up again.  I am learning how to balance my races and am realizing that all races do not need to be a fight, sometimes you can race for the experience.

I may not have recorded a half marathon PR recently however, I have had a couple PRs at Crossfit this week! I PR’d my back squat weight AND I PR’d my 2000m and 500m row.

Though I am proud of my Crossfit accomplishments, I do hope to have  a half marathon PR soon. My next race is the Boston Run to Remember over Memorial Day weekend. I had a PR last year with a 1:27 but broke that at the Hartford Half Marathon in October. The new time to beat is 1:26.32.   My running is not as frequent as it was last year but my strength and mobility has significantly improved. We will have to see on May 24th which will prevail – regardless of the result, a race is a race!  Be grateful for the ability!

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