Summer Vacation is Finally Here…for a few hours

Tuesday at noon was my official start to summer! WooHooo!…but of course, Wednesday at 8am was my official start of a summer statistics class. ¬†It only meets 5 times over the course of the summer so I can’t complain…especially because 1.) I get bored so easily over the summer and 2.) I LOVE STATISTICS

image..and 3.) I love the juice bar at UMass and my brand new colorful pens and notebook ūüôā

Before I get into all this summer vacation talk and the things I have planned aside from number crunching, I have to start off by saying I AM ONLY ONE HARD TRAINING RUN AWAY FROM BEING MARATHON READY! ¬†I conquered the 18 miler last¬†Saturday…by myself! image I am not going to lie, I was freaking out Friday evening because I couldn’t recruit anyone to run that final few/6 miles with¬†me. ¬†I really/obsessively¬†questioned whether I could tackle the run by myself. ¬†My boyfriend mapped out a new route that was the perfect distance, 12 miles through surrounding neighborhoods and then the final 6 miles in a beautiful and FLAT reservoir less than a mile from our house…also serves as a good meeting place if I had someone to run with. ¬†I tried not to talk about my nerves¬†and uncertainty too much because I know that non-runners are not a huge fan of listening to anything involving running let alone running a crazy 18 miles. ¬†We drove the route the night before to make sure I had my roads correct, I put out water at mile¬†9 miles and was all set to conquer the run…unfortunately alone. ¬†I woke up early Saturday morning to ensure that would I beat the heat. ¬†Boy was I nervous. ¬†I don’t know what it is about long runs that makes me anxious. ¬†My theory is that ‘the long run’¬†is not just a¬†normal run. ¬†You (or maybe it’s just me!) have to mentally prepare for it. I have to pump myself up for it. ¬†It is not one of those runs where you just get out there and just crank out a few miles. ¬†You have to train your mind to not focus on the time, not focus on how many miles left, not focus on pace and to solely focus on taking in the world around you. ¬†I think my nerves kick in because so much effort goes into preparing for the long run..the mental aspect, the water placement, the GU, the weather…and then there’s the thought of ‘after ALL this preparation, what if I can’t do it or my legs just feel terrible’. ¬†There are days when I am rested yet my legs still feel horrible and then there are other days where I already worked out and yet my legs feel great. ¬†It seems like I can never control how my legs are going to feel and that uncontrollable piece is scary especially when your about to conquer lots of miles. ¬†I guess when you put so much effort into preparing for something, it’s natural to be nervous. ¬†Nervous that the plan that is prepped and set in place could potentially fall through. ¬†And the craziest part of all, is most of the time, it all works out..yet I still always get those nerves. ¬†And even if it happened to not be my day for a long run, there are plenty of other days to try again! Thankfully last Saturday was my day and I had a great run at a¬†solid¬†pace ūüôā

My legs were surprisingly not too sore on Sunday so I was able to get in a good yoga session and Crossfit workout. ¬†As for Monday, I wasn’t sore but certainly not ready to take on the 100 burpees that they had on the agenda.¬†No thank you!¬†¬†I did a nice evening shake out run and a bike ride instead. By Thursday, my legs were definitely ready to rest up and thankfully my Compex muscle stimulation came in the mail just when I needed it the most! image I did not hesitate to use it! I hooked it right up to my hamstrings and let it do its thing! It certainly worked its magic because my legs felt great for Saturday’s (yesterday’s) 15 miler! image It is crazy that ‘scaling back’ this week means a 15 mile run. ¬†A month ago 15 miles would have been my longest run in history and now it doesn’t seem so long. ¬†It could of been because¬†my wonderful¬†mom jumped in and ran¬†the last 5 miles with me to take my mind off that last leg!

I had to get to afternoon party but I certainly did not skip on a post-long run ice bath in my neighbors pool, a nice oatmeal cereal with fruit and nuts, and a quick stim session. image image

Next up…the 20 miler. ¬†Nothing like kicking off the 4th of July with a light run ūüėČ

Before I end this post, I have to show you all another accomplishment that went down this week…


¬†I successfully managed to create homemade spring rolls! ¬†I used Brown Rice paper (soaked in warm water) and filled them¬†with sliced cucumbers, carrots, romaine lettuce, avocado, kelp noodles, shrimp and a drizzle of homemade peanut sauce. ¬†I could use a bit more work on my rolling skills but all in all, they came out great…and half the price of what I would pay at a sushi restaurant.

ONE MORE THING…my Timehop app reminded me that exactly 3 years ago I ran my first half marathon!


Wow. It is crazy to think¬†about how much has changed/happened over these past 3 years. ¬†I have grown in so many ways. ¬†In those 3 years, I ran 14 more half marathons, earned¬†my Masters Degree, started my teaching career, ¬†started Crossfit and am now training/3 weeks away from my first marathon…oh and met an incredibly amazing person that puts a smile on my face everyday ūüôā

Stepping up my Recovery Game

Happy Friday..and only 1 1/2 days until Summer vacation!

If it weren’t for those unnecessary Snow Days, I would be done by now!


Not much has been going on this week, just working on finishing up the school year strong!

Another large task is learning how to recover from Sunday long runs, while still strength training during the week yet also staying rested for the next long run.¬†It is TOUGH. ¬† I thought taking Monday off would be enough time to recover from Sunday’s 16.5 miler but my legs were still feeling pretty tight on Tuesday. ¬†However, it didn’t stop me from waking up early for 6am Crossfit. ¬†Who can pass up a 5:30 sunrise like this…

imageAfter Tuesday and Wednesday morning crossfit, my body was definitely in the need of¬†a good stretch so tried a new Yoga class Wednesday evening. ¬†This¬†class – Yin Yoga¬†–¬†focuses less on the muscles and more on reaching the tendons and joints. ¬†To do this, you¬†hold¬†less intense positions for a longer period of time. ¬†The goal is to have no pain while in the position and just allow the body to naturally release itself with time. (5 minutes per position) ¬†My instructor talked about how most of the poses revolve¬†around loosening up the lower back because the practice emphasizes the role that one’s back has on controlling the rest of the body. ¬†Aside from the class being from 7:30-9 –¬†way past my bedtime – it was a great class! Most of the moves can be done while laying on the floor watching tv so I have a feeling this 7:30 class will turn into my own class on the floor of my living room at a more reasonable time. ¬†ūüėČ

Since my long run probably shouldn’t be my only run for the week, I figured I would¬†pass up Thursday morning crossfit and run instead. ¬†I set out for only 6 miles but there is something about those delirious morning miles that always makes me want more..maybe I am just trying to procrastinate going to work.


The good thing¬†–¬†I got in a nice semi-long run, the bad thing – I had about 30 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast. That being said my breakfast was a classy, ‘throw-everything-in-your-Greek yogurt’ that had to be devoured on the go!

imageBut don’t worry, I made up for it at night with a delicious vegetable omelette topped with some melted Swiss Cheese and nutritional yeast.

imageSince I ran 7 miles in the morning, I planned on just relaxing after work… but let’s be honest, that plan never actually happens. ¬†I had an itch to workout after a long day of work so I took on afternoon crossfit as well.


Don’ t be fooled, I did NOT do the prescribed¬†125 pounds. ¬†My tired legs stuck with a challenging but manageable 85 pounds. It is safe to say that today is rest day because my legs are ready to recover¬†and prepare for another challenging long run tomorrow!

Speaking of recovery..I finally made a purchase I have been thinking about for a LONG time.


AN ELECTRIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR!! ¬†I always used this¬†to help with muscle recovery when I was a college athlete. It always helped with increasing blood flow and flushing out lactic acid. ¬†The price for this is pretty high but when I came across the code for a HUGE discount, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. ¬†Using this stimulator to loosen up my lower back and piriformis¬†will make it so I don’t have to get frequent massages¬†so maybe it will all even out ūüėČ right?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

That Evening Race Struggle and a NEW Long Run Record

Happy Tuesday!

I ended Thursday’s¬†post about my road trip after work to New Hampshire for a 6:30 5k race. ¬†The Hollis Fast 5k.¬†Well fast for others, not so much for me.. When I told co-workers that I had to leave work a bit early because I had a “race in New Hampshire” on a Thursday evening, they¬†looked at me like I was crazy. ¬†And when I proceeded¬†to say to tell them it was only¬†a 5k, the judgement got stronger. ¬†But I can’t disagree because¬†IT IS CRAZY! ¬†It was a USATF certified race so my running team was competing. ¬†It is rare,¬†very rare, that I would be down for traveling an hour and a half on a Thursday evening to race a 5k but when you have a great team that is committed to racing and¬†the success of the¬†team, along with a great car load of people to ride up with, it is worth it. ¬†However, just because it was worth it, doesn’t mean it was easy. ¬†It was pretty darn hard to muster to up the energy to just get my legs moving once we arrived let alone race! ¬†I was waiting for adrenaline to kick in, but it wasn’t happening. ¬†I was definitely nervous when I got to the start line. ¬†I don’t know if it was because I knew my time mattered tremendously because I was racing for a team…or because there were so many tiny, fast runners ¬†decked out in uniforms surrounding me which was quite intimidating..or because I knew that in minutes I would have to go full speed for 3 miles and my legs were¬†not in the mood to do that. ¬†I
think it was a mix of all three of those reasons but despite the nerves, as soon as that gun went off, I took off down the road…way too fast. ¬†My first mile was a 5:43 and since my average mile time was 6:21, that only means one thing…


.. I definitely started out too fast and hit a wall. ¬†It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t entirely enjoyable, but it was over fast! ¬†Though I didn’t have a PR, many of my teammates raced a PR!!


The face says it all…don’t make me move fast, I just don’t wannnaa!

I also mentioned in my last post how I couldn’t stop smiling over my new long run record of 14.24 miles. ¬†Well I have stopped smiling over that because I have something EVEN better…


On Sunday I tackled 16 miles! I can’t believe I did it! ¬†I am beyond proud of myself because this type of mileage is something I have feared for a¬†long time and each week I am proving to myself that¬†it can be done! ¬†I have heard from many people that the key to surviving the long run is having a running buddy. ¬†Well unfortunately, I do not have a running buddy for a couple of reasons. ¬†I haven’t really ever¬†wanted one. ¬†Part of my love for running is the ability to just be alone, listen to music and just drift off into my¬†own little world. ¬†Of course there are those runs that are miserable and the only thing running through my¬†mind is the seconds/miles remaining…but for the most part, my runs are usually peaceful and is my time where I can think through things and jam out to some great tunes. ¬†I also have no interest in wasting the little breath I have on talking. ¬†The thought of trying to hold a conversation with someone while gasping for air does not sound appealing, but is also my biggest problem. I don’t know how to slow down!¬† That being said, though¬†I like my alone time during my runs, as the miles are creeping up, I am starting to realize that I do not need 16 miles worth of alone time. ¬†I have been contemplating the idea of recruiting someone/people to run certain legs of my long run with me so that I can get my alone time in but can also have someone to distract me from those negative thoughts that start to arise around mile 13. ¬†A couple of members from¬†my Crossfit box told me that their club team was planning on a 6 mile run around a local reservoir on Sunday morning at 8:30. ¬†THAT’S PERFECT!¬†I can have 10 miles to myself¬†and then jump in to group run to¬†help me slow down my pace and motivate me through the final 6 miles. ¬†It all sounded great but I wasn’t sure if it would all pan out the way I had vision in my head.

I had the morning all planned out before I went to bed. ¬†If I wanted to make it to the group run by 8:30 with 10 miles already in the bag, I would have to leave the house by 7:10…making for a glorious 6:30 wake up call on Sunday morning. ¬†My run started out fine, but I was noticing some tightness in my left calf from the race on Thursday. ¬†The tightness was subsiding which resulted in me questioning this whole 16 miler. ¬†I was convinced around mile 3 that this would end up just being a 6-10 miler. ¬†Not¬†bad, but ¬†not what I had in mind. ¬†But then around mile 4 my calf just slowly loosed and it all felt okay. ¬†It was like the clouds parted and I had a burst of confidence. Dramatic, I know.¬†I made it to the group run a little behind schedule but just in time and exactly 10 miles in! ¬†I stopped to take a quick breather and get into their group huddle and before I knew it, I was back running and ready to tackle this final leg. ¬†The pace was a bit slower, my music was put away and I was just enjoying the beautiful scenery of the reservoir and the conversation of the people around me. I ended up doing the final 6 miles with two older men whom I ¬†never met before. ¬†I still am not a huge fan of holding a conversation while running but it wasn’t¬†horrible. ¬†I actually think I enjoy running with people just to listen to other people’s conversations…slightly creepy but it’s interesting!¬†Another 6 miles later, I broke off from the running group and ran home clocking a little over 16 miles! ūüôā


I write this with so much excitement and pride. ¬†I can’t believe I am conquering mileage that I feared for so long…and it’s actually enjoyable! ¬†I already have a 17 mile route planned out for this Sunday and maybe a partner who is willing to bike the final 6 with me! I am trying not to let my excitement get the best of me because I am well aware from past experiences that things can come up and throw a giant curve ball in your game plan. ¬†I am doing everything¬†I can to prevent any injuries or possible disturbances in my training by resting, taking care of my body and stretching every night. ¬†I am incorporating yoga into my schedule in addition to running and Crossfit so that my body can remain flexible and loose despite the heavy lifting and running. ¬†I can only hope that with proper care and nutrition, my training will continue to stay strong¬†and I will make it to that finish line on July 26th!

Have a great rest of the week!…only one more week until summer vacation ūüôā

Can’t wait to enoy more of this view..


Longest Run to Date and a Racecation Planned

Ironic that my last post was about setting PRs and the¬†frustration I have been experiencing with not having set a running PR in quite some time…then BOOM, without any expectations, I set a running PR. ¬†No, no, not some outrageous race time but my LONGEST RUN EVER!!!

Owe it to my new Brooks Launch running shoes..

Like I said in my last post, I have been focusing most of my time on Crossfit and have only been¬†getting in super short runs later in the day if I have time. ¬†Two weekends ago,¬†I had a 14 miler planned but not a single bone in my body wanted to do it. ¬†I don’t necessarily get excited¬†for long runs but I don’t usually dread them like I was dreading that 14 miler. ¬†Instead of forcing something that I just didn’t want to do, I ended up skipping my long run and doing yoga at my Crossfit box followed by a Sunday WOD and some extra lifting. ¬†It was exactly¬†what I wanted to do. ¬†My body needed a good stretch and I was in the mood to lift and workout with people. ¬†Being my first week of marathon training, (yup, MARATHON IS BOOKED. ¬†Will explain later!), I felt a little guilty about¬†bailing out on a¬†long run this early into training but sometimes you just need to let yourself break away from the plan a bit and do what you want rather than what you feel you should¬†do.

This past Sunday, I knew I had to stick to my schedule and I felt ready to take on the long run, especially because the weather was perfect.  With almost 2 weeks of little running since my last half marathon, I had no idea what to expect.  I set a goal of 10, a reach goal of 12 and if some miracle happened, then the intended 14 that I missed last week.

imageAh yes, I still smile when I see those numbers. ¬†How did I do that??¬† But seriously…I wish I knew what made this run so perfect. ¬†My legs felt fresh despite 5 straight days of working out before going into this run, my mind was relaxed and everything¬†just felt great. I just kept tacking on more miles because my body and legs were willing to take it and not fighting against me for once!¬† Once I knew I was going to hit my reach goal of 12, I went a little further for 13 and though I could feel myself starting to weaken, I was way too close to that miracle so I slowed my pace down a bit and just remained controlled. ¬†I reminded myself that a mile is just¬† my¬†quick warm up around the block before Open Gym crossfit. ¬†I can handle that! ¬†And sure enough, I did ūüôā ¬†This was so¬†needed. ¬†I needed this running boost to remind myself that I can do this! ¬†When I look at my training plan, those high mileage runs scare me, but I just need to take it one mile at a time. ¬†I also need to remind myself that not every run¬†is a good run and sometimes your legs just want to give up after mile 1. ¬†Don’t force it. ¬†If the run isn’t there, then save it. ¬†Wait for the moment when it is. ¬†It may not be¬†part of the plan, but the plan will work itself out if it’s meant to happen.

Speaking of this whole marathon training thing that I keep mentioning…


I am making¬†my way back to San Francisco this summer ūüôā I received this¬†same¬†confirmation email a year ago but only made it to the Half-marathon finish.

San Francisco Half-Marathon 2014

Lets see how it all plays out for Round 2. ¬†I am excited..nervous…scared…but also relaxed. ¬†I know that the trip will be amazing regardless of what happens. ¬†If I don’t feel marathon ready then I will just switch to the half marathon and enjoy everything that race has to offer…THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. ¬†And even if NO running happens, I can¬†enjoy a wonderful vacation with a great friend in a beautiful city.

Running wasn’t the only huge accomplishment this weekend but because I haven’t had many of those in a while¬†I will boast about that the¬†most ūüėČ On Saturday, I finally¬†reached the highest double unders amount for my Crossfit box! ¬†This has been a goal I have been trying to reach for weeks now and I am so happy it finally happened!¬†102 consecutive Double Unders!¬†

Funny story about reaching 102. On Friday I decided to try and¬†set a new personal best seeing as I had been at 83 for a couple of weeks and Double Unders were¬†in Friday’s¬†WOD.

imageI made it up to 99! A new personal best (as of Friday)¬†and a tie for first place at my box. ¬†I walk in on Saturday and saw¬†I had been¬†bumped to 2nd because a phenomenal double underer (definitely not a word..) in the later class ended up hitting the whole 100! She is actually the person I learned double unders from. ¬†I starred at her form and just tried to mimic it…a little creepy but true..and helpful! ¬†Since I was still on cloud nine from my 99, I did not expect to have to tackle this challenge again but being only 1 away,¬†it had to be done. ¬†I didn’t get it on my first try but my legs were willing to jump 102 more times ūüôā¬†¬†I suspect this will lead to a little Double Under competition ūüėČ but what better way to stay motivated and continue to better my¬†previous score!

Lets get to the good stuff and talk food…


Friday nights always call for burgers and a sad attempt (fail) at grilling artichokes. ¬†When it comes to burger night, things get a little territorial so thankfully we had¬†some chives to make sure our burgers are not mixed up ūüėČ I am a huge fan of the Trader Joe’s grass-fed 90% lean beef, mix in some onions and Flavor God spices and top it off with melted shredded Swiss cheese. Instead of buns I use one slice of¬†toasted Ezekiel bread and just leave the top open and load on grilled onions, mushrooms and avocado!


This is has been a recent post-workout favorite! ¬†If you are a chocolate lover like me, this is right up your alley. ¬†I mixed my Vega-Sport Chocolate Protein powder with just enough Almond Milk to make a gooey fudge. ¬†Chop up some fruit…apples, strawberries and bananas are my top choices...and just dip/SLATHER them in chocolate.


Lastly, after a cold and rainy 3-day field trip to Cape Cod last week, the only thing I wanted for dinner was grilled,¬†HOT, food! ¬†That is exactly what went down…Salmon, broccoli, brussel sprouts, chopped sweet potato fries. ¬†Just what I needed after 3 days of cold food!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!  I will be road tripping it with my team tonight for a USATF 5k race in New Hampshire.

Wish us luck! ūüôā

Boston Run to Remember Race Recap

Between ending the lacrosse season and a 3 day field trip to Cape Cod with my students, I am FINALLY here and ready to recap the Boston Run to Remember Half Marathon.


This was my 3rd time running this race and is the only half marathon that I have run 3 consecutive times.


It was also my¬†3rd time staying in the Hilton at Logan Airport with my mom. ¬†Prices are cheap, transportation to the start line is quick and¬†easy, view is spectacular and post-race brunch is delicious..which is a¬†necessity. ¬†It was also the 3rd time that my mom and I set an early departure time but ended up leaving hour(s) past the¬†intended time ūüėČ

Time of departure aside, my mom and I¬†met up Saturday afternoon and were off to Boston. ¬†We had a few pit stops that had to be made along the way…

Marathon Sports was a necessary stop because I have been struggling to find the perfect shoe. ¬†The Asics Gel-Pursue have been my go-to for the past year and although I have tried to explore different Asics, I always end up coming back to the pursue. ¬†Well sure enough they had the Asics Pursue at Marathon Sports and sure enough the shoe expert said that it was a good fit given my foot structure. ¬†But I also had my eyes on the¬†beautiful Brooks Launch running shoes. ¬†I have been contemplating trying out Brooks¬†because I have heard great things about the brand. ¬†The second I slipped them on, it all made sense..¬†they felt amazing. ¬†So amazing that I felt the need to walk out of the store with them on and wore them for the rest of the day ūüôā


I also felt the need to talk a picture of how awesome they were while standing in line for my over-priced/standard Boston price Americano.

A Whole Foods stop for some pre-race fruits and a Sushi lunch was also mandatory


..and of course another over-priced drink.


But this was a drink I didn’t¬†mind spending $4 on because it was delicious! ¬†You can’t even imagine the excitement I had when I went to my local Whole Foods this past weekend and saw a sign “2 for $5” for them. ¬†Definitely walked out with 4¬†different¬†flavors. ¬†

And after multiple stops throughout Boston, we finally made it to the Expo!


The Boston Run to Remember expo is always pretty decent. ¬†Nothing too crazy but you have¬†a solid amount of samples are¬†what make an expo awesome, right?!¬† It’s hard to judge the expo when¬†your last Expo was the¬†Disney Princess Half Marathon. ¬†Lets just say the¬†expectations are set pretty high after you experience that. ¬†After the expo we headed back to the hotel to relax..and catch up on Grey’s¬†Anatomy¬†with a Boston Skyline view.

We had reservations at the same restaurant that we ate at last year, Salvatore’s. ¬†It still holds as some of the best pizza that I have ever had. So delicious that I even still have a picture of my pizza from last year….



In the midst of inhaling the¬†pizza, my mom was chatting with the bartender about last year’s race which¬†somehow turned into a convo about my time and place last year which then led to the bartender saying “If you get top 3, you can come back tomorrow evening and I will buy you your meal”. ¬†First of all, you should never offer to buy a female dinner after racing….we/I can EAT. So I guess you can say, my lack of placing top 3 was because I am overly generous and did not want the bartender to go bankrupt ūüėČ

The race was at 7 so we had a 5am wake up. ¬†I wasn’t too nervous because I had no idea what to expect. ¬†I have been getting in my long-runs but my mid-week runs have been limited. ¬†I have been focusing on strength and Crossfit rather than improving my race times. ¬†I want to be ready and prepared to jump into half marathons for fun but fast times are currently not my main focus. ¬†Last year, I ran a PR (which was beat this past fall) of 1:27 and with most PR races, there was a whole lot of pain and struggle. ¬†It is¬†hard to enjoy the beautiful Boston scenery when your fighting to hang on. ¬†This time around, I decided to take it all in and not focus on time.


3 minutes slower than last year which is still a bit hard to accept¬†but it was truly an enjoyable race and I can’t say that about many races that I’ve raced hard in.

The expo samples may have been limited but they certainly made up for it after the race!


If I had any class/dignity left in me after the race, it was definitely out the window when I grabbed an empty cardboard box and just started loading up on every possible (free) sample I could find.  Thankfully, I found a bag to transfer everything which made me feel a bit more classy.

Another reason why I decided to take the slower, more enjoyable racing option was because the next day was Memorial Day which means HERO WOD at Crossfit.  I was already signed up for the 10am session and I definitely did not want to skip on this fun!


Not your typical ‘day-after-half marathon-workout’ but I am so glad I have some energy left from the race because this was crazy, challenging, and so rewarding!

imageI can’t say enough great things about working out with these people. ¬†They are so strong, so motivating¬†and they always keep me humbled. ¬†Each person has a different strength and a different weakness. ¬†Crossfit is such a mix of different abilities which is why I love it so much. ¬†There is always¬†something (multiple) things to improve on which keeps me wanting to come back and push harder everyday.

It sometimes worries me that I am not getting in as many runs and I have been lacking the motivation to push myself in races. ¬†I am naturally a competitive person and will always want those race¬†PRs and those super speedy times, however, I¬†am still mentally recovering from some really tough races and I just want to get back to the joy of racing before I return to that level of pain and struggle. ¬†I also need to keep reminding myself that although I am taking my racing lightly, I have been pushing myself harder and faster everyday in Crossfit. ¬†There are so many goals I am trying to reach in that arena and I have been really fighting hard to reach some solid benchmarks. ¬†Balancing running and Crossfit has been manageable but there is a lot of give and take. ¬†In the fall, my focus was on racing. ¬†I was only able to make Crossfit 3 days a week because I needed to get in high mileage. ¬†I was improving in Crossfit but certainly not as much as I am now. ¬†I guess you could say, I Crossfitted with caution which limited my achievement in that aspect, however, I ended up¬†racing some fast half marathon times. ¬†This past spring is opposite, I skip more weekday runs because I want to give my crossfit workouts everything I have without tired legs. ¬†Despite my lack of racing PRs, I’ve set some solid PRs on the rower, on many lifts, and FINALLY just set the highest Max Double Unders.

So, with all this PR talk, I will end with this. ¬†At the end of the day, no one really knows what your PRs are/is, many probably don’t¬†care, and SOME DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT PR STANDS FOR! (Personal Record by the way)¬†Just got out there, do what makes you happy, do what keeps you coming back for more, and do it for YOU!