Stepping up my Recovery Game

Happy Friday..and only 1 1/2 days until Summer vacation!

If it weren’t for those unnecessary Snow Days, I would be done by now!


Not much has been going on this week, just working on finishing up the school year strong!

Another large task is learning how to recover from Sunday long runs, while still strength training during the week yet also staying rested for the next long run. It is TOUGH.   I thought taking Monday off would be enough time to recover from Sunday’s 16.5 miler but my legs were still feeling pretty tight on Tuesday.  However, it didn’t stop me from waking up early for 6am Crossfit.  Who can pass up a 5:30 sunrise like this…

imageAfter Tuesday and Wednesday morning crossfit, my body was definitely in the need of a good stretch so tried a new Yoga class Wednesday evening.  This class – Yin Yoga – focuses less on the muscles and more on reaching the tendons and joints.  To do this, you hold less intense positions for a longer period of time.  The goal is to have no pain while in the position and just allow the body to naturally release itself with time. (5 minutes per position)  My instructor talked about how most of the poses revolve around loosening up the lower back because the practice emphasizes the role that one’s back has on controlling the rest of the body.  Aside from the class being from 7:30-9 – way past my bedtime – it was a great class! Most of the moves can be done while laying on the floor watching tv so I have a feeling this 7:30 class will turn into my own class on the floor of my living room at a more reasonable time.  😉

Since my long run probably shouldn’t be my only run for the week, I figured I would pass up Thursday morning crossfit and run instead.  I set out for only 6 miles but there is something about those delirious morning miles that always makes me want more..maybe I am just trying to procrastinate going to work.


The good thing – I got in a nice semi-long run, the bad thing – I had about 30 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast. That being said my breakfast was a classy, ‘throw-everything-in-your-Greek yogurt’ that had to be devoured on the go!

imageBut don’t worry, I made up for it at night with a delicious vegetable omelette topped with some melted Swiss Cheese and nutritional yeast.

imageSince I ran 7 miles in the morning, I planned on just relaxing after work… but let’s be honest, that plan never actually happens.  I had an itch to workout after a long day of work so I took on afternoon crossfit as well.


Don’ t be fooled, I did NOT do the prescribed 125 pounds.  My tired legs stuck with a challenging but manageable 85 pounds. It is safe to say that today is rest day because my legs are ready to recover and prepare for another challenging long run tomorrow!

Speaking of recovery..I finally made a purchase I have been thinking about for a LONG time.


AN ELECTRIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR!!  I always used this to help with muscle recovery when I was a college athlete. It always helped with increasing blood flow and flushing out lactic acid.  The price for this is pretty high but when I came across the code for a HUGE discount, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Using this stimulator to loosen up my lower back and piriformis will make it so I don’t have to get frequent massages so maybe it will all even out 😉 right?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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