Wegmans, Wineries, and Beautiful Runs…Ithaca Done Right!


I don’t have this beautiful like I did for my last blog post that I finished while I was in Ithaca, but I do have some wonderful memories and a few ton of pictures to show you all.

My legs were extremely sore on Thursday and the weather was rainy and cloudy so us girls declared Thursday as ‘Wegmans and Winery Day’..everyday should be declared that.  If any of you live near a Wegmans, 1.) you must find it strange that Wegmans is our morning excitement and 2.) YOU ARE LUCKY.  That store is amazing.

Once we hit up/spent an hour touring Wegmans, we began our wine tour!  The first Winery really set the bar high.  They paired every wine with a certain food (dark chocolate, peanut butter, tortilla chips…).  $4 for wine and dark chocolate..yes please!  As if that wasn’t enough, they also had a ton of salsas, butters, hot sauces, and olive oils to sample…

image  image

I may have needed about 4 samples of that Banana Butter to help recover from the Ghost Chili Salsa!


…I’ll take that in my kitchen, please!

There was only one way to end this perfect rainy day in Ithaca..


Oh Yes. Boggle!  I take it very seriously and do not take losing very well…good thing I didn’t 😉

My legs felt much better on Friday so I set out for a long run before a fun-filled beach day.


Nothing like tackling the hilly Ithaca roads to prepare for the San Francisco terrain!  Despite the hills, I never have a bad run in Ithaca.  The view is spectacular and you can’t help but reflect on the wonderful things in life.  I couldn’t help but just feel so lucky.  I am so thankful for the ability to run, to be going to San Francisco to run my first marathon in 10 days, and to have such amazing  people in my life.


This place is just so beautiful.

We had plans to be on the road to Buffalo for a graduation party by 11 so I had just enough time to get in 6 quick miles as well as some strength.  At the end of my 6 miles, I found en empty parking lot and did a short WOD.  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  of Push ups, squats and pistols.  The even numbers were pistols and the odd numbers were double squats. (10 push ups, 10 pistols, then 9 push ups 18 squats, then 8 push-ups 8 pistols, 7 push-ups, 14 squats..make sense?)

Fast forward to Tuesday when my mom and I went back and forth debating whether we should sign up for the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge again..



..all it took is one look at these pictures from this past year’s challenge to remind myself how amazing this experience is and how unfortunate it would be to pass up another week of memories with my mom.  You never know what the future holds and how long we will be able to do races together so might as well take advantage of the time we have and sign up!


Easier said then done….I got in a short run and rushed back for 11:45 to get everything set up ready for registration to open at noon.  Despite my efforts, the website crashed at right at noon and everything looked like this..wonderful!

45 minutes later..


WE ARE IN!! 5k on Friday, 10k Saturday and Half Marathon on Sunday

Lastly, I can’t end the blog post without a little recap on what’s been happening on the food front.  While at Wegmans, I picked up an awesome curry sauce that I used to simmer my shrimp in which was then paired perfectly with the Edamame Pasta and melted almond cheese…and my new Pasta White wine that I picked up on my wine tour 🙂


I also recently found Purely Elizabeth granola +  puffed rice cereal at Whole Foods.


It adds the perfect crunch to my yogurt and blueberries and has become one of my new favorite breakfast options or  pre-workout snack.


I have been a fan of the Hope Hummus brand for a while now because of the variety of flavors they offer and their healthy ingredients.  This week I broke away from my favorite Thai Curry flavor I decided to try Jalepeno Cilantro…


Another great choice!  Nothing like a little spicy kick to add to your snacking..

This last picture actually has a great story behind it. I made Rice Krispie treats for a July 4th party and saved a few for a special someone.  Well last week I got this…”Can you make more breakfast bars  Those were delicious!”….”You mean the Rice Krispie treats that I saved and you randomly ate for breakfast?” I guess I was not aware that if something has cereal in it, then it constitutes as a ‘breakfast bar’! Oops, ha ha.  Lets just say, I don’t see myself adopting that motto anytime soon so I decided to make REAL breakfast bars.  I used the Biscotti recipe from Running On Veggies..


They were approved!..and were much easier to make than sticky Rice Krispie treats so it was a double WIN 🙂

That is it for now! Enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

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