Happy Birthday to the Greatest Mother

My TimeHop App told me this morning that exactly one year ago, I launched a blog post about my Mom because it is her birthday today.  Well here I am a year later to say that our ages are not the only thing that has increased.  The number of races we have done together has increased, the number of memories we have shared has increased, and my love for her will always increase.

Last year’s blog post talked about our first mother-daughter trip to Disney for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and now this year I get to talk about our second trip to Disney for the Disney Princess Challenge!…and next year I will most likely be talking about our third trip THIS February for the 5k, 10k, and Half :)….yeah, I am pretty lucky to have her.

image2 (1)

image5 (1)
Though we did not anticipate a Florida racecation to be in the 50s, we still managed to bundle up and have a blast!
In the final two days we were able to score some sun and some pretty hefty bling 🙂
She is not only the greatest mother but the greatest supporter.  She is either by my side or at the finish at just about every race that I run.  My first marathon was this summer in San Francisco.  I made a vacation out of the trip and was visiting my best friend from college. Having my best friend by my side was amazing but it was definitely weird not having my mom at one of the biggest races I had ever run.  Despite not being there physically, she tracked my entire race and within seconds of crossing the finish line, she sent me the greatest text congratulating me on my Boston Marathon qualifying time!  She may not have been at the finish line but I could feel her excitement and love all the way from Massachusetts.
She is not only there when I am at my highest high but she is also there when I am at my lowest low.  If you follow my blog, (or lack thereof lately! oops) then you know that I ran a half marathon this Spring that mentally kicked my butt.  I broke down in the middle of the race and when I crossed the finish line and located my mom, I pretty much just let it all out.  I am 26 years old and there are still times where all I need is the comfort of my mom to help pull me out a tough time.
This past weekend she came to Philadelphia to cheer me on in my second marathon! She said she was going to plan on being at Mile 7 and Mile 12/13. You bet I made those miles key benchmarks in the race.  “Okay, 2 more miles and then I get to see mom!”  It is not like she was giving me a new set of legs to run with but I was just excited to see a comforting face on the course.
To sum this blog post up in a few sentences, I am and will always be grateful to have a mother like her.  I hope the days of us holding bibs and medals together will continue on for awhile because they are so special to me.
This birthday just means you have entered a older age group and will dominate more than you already do.
Cheers to many age group wins and being the best looking 60 year old on the courses!  I love you more than you will ever know.

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