Life Happenings Since Boston

Happy Friday!

My last blog post primarily focused on filling you all in about San Francisco and my quick training to prepare for the race and did not really talk about all the fun little things that have happened since my Boston Recap post.

I think the best thing that has happened is SUMMER VACATION!!! (I am a 6th grade math teacher for anyone new to my blog)  As soon as summer vacation comes around, the line “So what are you going to do all summer” is all people seem to say and being in my third summer vacation, I still have not been able to come up with a good answer – yet I feel like I am doing a million things.  In January I went back to school for School Administration and have been doing a ton of work for that degree throughout the summer.  In addition to the degree, I have to submit a pretty hefty portfolio to the state so that is and has been the main focus of the summer.  But of course, I do my fair share of lounging by the pool, reading and pretty much taking full advantage of not having to rush in the morning and being able to sit and read the paper with a strong cup of coffee.   I am also trying to use my free time to get in as much stretching and foam rolling as possible because it seems to be the first thing that gets pushed to the side when things start getting busy.

After the Boston Marathon I took about 4 days of from working out and eased pushed hard in my first crossfit workout back.  After a long winter of lots of runs and having to back off crossfit, I was eager to get back into a normal crossfit routine and not eager to get back to running.  I just wanted to focus on being free from any type of schedule or necessary runs/workouts.  I probably only ran about once a week for a good three weeks…and that one run was subconsciously driven by idea that I should run at least once so I can still be considered a  “runner” haha.

Towards the end of my Boston training, I would get pretty intense aching in my high hamstrings after long runs.  They never really bothered me while I was running and would fade by Tuesday so I minimalized the situation…but those Sunday afternoons/evenings were painful.  I was convinced, the internet convinced me that I had high hamstring tendonitis. I figured it would get better by doing more hamstring strengthening movements and not a lot of running….which was pretty much what I wanted to do while I was free from races – get stronger and take a break from running. However, this plan did not seem to help my pain- in fact, I felt like it was getting worse.  I set up an appointment with a sports doctor and was soon on my way to PT.  At my first PT appointment, my therapist had me doing some stability work and it was pretty embarrassingly clear that my hip abductors are pretty week and my right side was much weaker and unstable than the left.  I have pretty strong quads and hamstrings so those muscles were doing most of the work on those long runs to compensate for my weak abductors – hence the hamstring pain.

I began doing a ton of band work and basic lateral lifts, clamshells, hip bridges and banded lateral walks.  I took an entire week off from running and WODing  and just went to crossfit to do my exercises, mobility and stretching.


It was much-needed and when the week was over, I felt incredible.  My high hamstring pain became about nonexistent even as I began hitting high mileage for San Francisco.  Before every run I use my bands to squat and activate my hip abductors so they are ready to fire while I am running, giving my hamstrings a break.

To sum everything up, I pretty much hate going to the doctors and like to solve all my issues by just stretching, strengthening and getting messages or acupuncture.  Taking that next step and going to the doctors always makes me feel dramatic and I probably  subconsciously fear that they are going to tell me I can’t workout.  However, the two times I have gone to PT, I have received pretty eye-opening information and was given minimal rehab that only required small changes to make a substantial impact.  I would have never thought that extra hip and abductors stability work would make such a difference.  I have always assumed that being a crossfitter means that I have strong legs and don’t need to do the little exercises that Runners World suggests but I guess I was wrong!

In the midst of all of this, my mom and I couldn’t pass up our 4th trip to Boston for the Boston Run to Remember race on Memorial Day weekend!


This race was during my break from running phase so I just focused on keeping a solid pace and not pushing it while I was in the process of recovery.  Mangaged a 1:31.10 and was very happy with that!


And within 4 hours of finishing, I had a minor outfit change and was on my way to a wedding 🙂

…a little better than race photos!

A week later, I went to Disney for a bachelorette party.  After 3 years of going to Disney every February with my mom for the Princess races, it was pretty weird to be walking around Epcot in a dress rather than running shoes and with a drink in my hand that wasn’t a gallon of water 😉


I also competed in my fourth crossfit competition 2 weeks after Boston…


..And then the very next day my sore body made its way to a local half marathon. The intended manageable 13.1 miles turned into 19 miles because I went back to the cheer on my mom at the mile 20 mark of the marathon.  Cheering turned into running the last 6 miles with her.  My legs hated it but my heart loved every second of it.  She has always been an inspiration and continues to be an inspiration.  60 years old, 7 years since running her last marathon and she conquered the 26.2 and qualified for Boston.


As for current food and meal favorites, I have been a creature of habit and been eating some of the same things everyday and not getting sick of it one bit.


Siggis plain 0% Greek Yogurt with sliced apples or frozen bananas, nuts and rice puffs has been a favorite and is either my breakfast or afternoon snack everyday.


I am also a huge fan of my pre or postwork out berry smoothie bowl.  Scoop of vega protein blended with almond milk and spinach. Once the spinach is blended and the mixture is pretty thick, add mixed berries and keep blending.  I like the smoothie to be super ice cream :)….so rather than adding more almond milk, I keep blending and pushing everything down the sides until it is thick and creamy. And of course, I top it with mixed nuts/seeds and puffed brown rice.


It goes without saying in my house that if it is Friday, I am making my Tempeh sandwich. Yup, my routines are not sly and are picked up quickly.  I sauté mushrooms, onions and spinach on one side of the pan and use the other side to heat the tempeh.  I have perfected the veggie and tempeh layer so its extra thick! Throw some pesto on one slice of bread and mashed avocado on the other and let the panini maker work its magic.


In the summer, I don’t usually eat lunch.  I have a pretty late breakfast, an afternoon snack and a snack right before my evening workout.  A go-to afternoon snack has been brown rice/quinoa cake with mashed avocado and bean sprouts.  For extra protein if it is more of a lunch, I will mash up some black beans with the avocado.

It feels so good to be back blogging and I am remembering why I started this and how important it is to me…and hopefully you! It has also served as a great way to procrastinate writing my portfolio 🙂






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