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The fruitful runner….Though fruitful is defined as producing good results, I can’t say this blog will always live up to its name.  I am not the fastest runner, I am not the strongest crossfitter, and I am not the best writer.  BUT, part of being successful and enjoying life is learning how to accept the moments when things just don’t fall into place.  With each failure comes an area for growth. And that growth can turn into something amazing. This blog is a journey through my life of balancing running, strength, yoga, health and LIFE.  After a year of trying to balance being a good runner and a potential figure competitor, I went through the madness of counting calories, calculating macros, spending hours on cardio machines and worst of all, GUILT. Guilt that a few missed cardio sessions and an ice cream cone would ruin everything.  I was convinced to join Crossfit and saw a whole different component to training and building strength.  I learned that strength is fueling your body properly to perform at your best.  Strength isn’t an image.  I write this blog to share the importance of balancing all the components that make a great runner – strength, yoga, mobility, nutrition – while still enjoying time with family and friends.  Easier said than done…but here you can watch me attempt this balance and watch me fail a few many times.  Together we can learn from mistakes made to better ourselves and our training 🙂

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