Running Favorites

At the start of every race when your pre-race jitters are getting the best of you and you’re looking down at the group attempting to stay see all the different gadgets, gear, fuel and shoes.  Yet we are all about to go do the same thing..putting one foot in front of the other.  But every body is different, every foot is different, every digestive system different…so what works for one person does not alway work for someone else.  Here I will post what works FOR ME…and even so, this may change in a few weeks, days or months.  

Training/Marathon Running Shoe –> Brooks Launch 3

5k/10k Racers – New Balance Zante v2 Queens

Electrolyte Drink – Nuun Hydration

Gel/Fuel – Honey Stinger Organic Gel

Recovery Tool – Normatec Boots (Thanks Mom for the fabulous birthday present)

Mobility Tool – Acumobility Ball Level 1 

Favorite Podcast – Ali on the Run and Run to the Top Podcast

Favorite Marathon – Big Sur!!!!

Favorite Treat Meal – Ice Cream/Froyo with ALL the toppings