Breaking in the New Treadmill

Thank goodness it’s Thursday…

This week has been LONG and pretty uneventful.  Not much to chat about aside from this beautiful thing…

image  image

Yup.  She’s glorious

This wonderful toy was my birthday present…my birthday was in September. Ha Ha  I guess it is time to finally put it to use with a little speed.  Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond grateful to have this but I am not a treadmill person.  I much rather run outside with the scenery and that feeling when you get lost in your music as you chase down the road.  BUT – I am a treadmill person when it comes to speed workouts…and negative degree weather. I like being able to set a fast pace and not letting myself slow down unless I consciously decrease the speed.

That being said, I decided to do a short and sweet tempo run and ended with a great ab workout. I have a 5k race on Sunday so I did not want to push it too hard.


Thankfully tomorrow is rest day because my legs are ready for it.  After last night’s WOD of box jumps and walls balls, they definitely need a break.


That moment when you just  pray that your tired legs get on top of that darn box because a box-to-the-shin will make the final minutes of this AMRAP brutal.. 

As for my eats this week…my cooking game hasn’t been all that strong.


…or non-existent.  Ha Ha

When in doubt, just chop up a head of romaine lettuce, a couple of carrots, throw in leftover chicken, toss some BBQ sauce in there and THAT is a solid lunch.


And of course, my frozen banana with NuttZo is a staple pre workout snack everyday.

I DID whip up a delicious meal after my Tempo run.  Thank you @ponytailpower for this wonderful Chili Fajita Meatloaf recipe.  So easy and so delicious. Just mash egg whites, ground turkey, pumpkin puree, and whatever veggies and seasonings you feel like. Toss it in the oven and let it bake with the other veggies.


I said it before and I will continue to say it.  I just can’t seem to make my meals look pretty.  I just want it in my belly FAST.

My 1/2 pint Arctic Zero with PB2 and Fat-Free Reddi Whip has been my go-to dessert….and is probably the ONE meal I can make look pretty. But the chances that I risk my ice cream melting for a good picture is pretty slim.  Maybe one day you all will see it…

I hope everyone had a great Thursday and is ready to take on Friday!  TGI(almost)F