Impressive Omelettes and an Inspiring New Book

It’s amazing how a long weekend can be so relaxing AND cause the following week to fly by. Mondays need to be a holiday more often…

I never ended up posting this epic crock pot creation from Monday night so before I forget, here it is…

imageFirst time ever cooking with plantains and after this meal, it certainly won’t be my last.  Though this Indian inspired Paleo dinner was delicious, I think it would be better if it was cooked stove top rather than in the crock pot.  I placed a layer of onions on the bottom, then 3 chicken breasts, poured the sauce (mixture of 1/2 cup coconut milk, curry powder, garlic, ground ginger and cumin) over the chicken and then topped with 2 sliced plantains.  The coconut milk and curry mixture tasted amazing before going into the crock pot so I have a feeling the moisture from the slow cooker caused the sauce to lose some flavor.  I will try it stove top and report back because this has potential to be a phenomenal dinner.

I am happy to report that I was able to get through a 6 mile speed workout yesterday, but I am not happy to report what I did to motivate myself for this run. Despite my new and wonderful treadmill that my awesome parents gave to me me for my birthday….I paid to go to my old gym just because I needed some extra motivation to get the speed work done. I needed that gym vibe to tackle this workout…don’t worry mom, I won’t do it again! However, it did allow me to add in some box jumps and rows after my run so we can pretend I went to the gym for the rowing machine 😉

I am also happy to report that my morning omelette have been getting pretty darn impressive.  I may only use 3 egg whites and 1 egg but after the variety of veggies I throw in, it can get pretty big…

imageI don’t know if I’m being creative or it’s just too early to think about the flavor combinations…regardless, it was delicious.  Here we have some mushrooms, onions, celery, butternut squash and baked plantains

I will wrap this post up with a couple of pages from the new book I am reading.  The book is called Power Speed Endurance by Brian Mackenzie and Glen Cordova.  This book immediately had me hooked when it started off about a runner that used to think the only way to improve his marathon time was by logging more miles…well with many injuries later, he tried a different approach to training and found significant improvement.  His change of training was in the direction of Crossfit 🙂



Essentially, Crossfit builds athletes to not only be strong but to be powerful, agile, coordinated, fast and flexible.  I can truly say the combination of all these physical skills has greatly improved my running and has allowed to me improve my times without spending hours running and feeling the need to log high mileage. With the ability to mix up my training and do a variety of things whether it be crossfit, yoga or hitting the road for a nice run, I am never bored with my training. I can honestly say I am usually always excited to get my workouts in.  This excitement is key to making the best out of each minute of training.

Snazzy Snacking and a New Addition to the Schedule

Happy Hump Day!


I can’t say my cooking has been superb in the last few days but thankfully I have a wonderful guy who had some delicious dinners waiting for me after Crossfit and night class.  My dinner game may not be on point this week but my snack and breakfast game has been superb.  Let me just let you in on what’s been happening when I get home at 3pm ready to eat my fist…teacher problem #1: absurdly early lunches


Ezekiel bread topped with Nuttzo, 1/2 banana, and raw cacoa nibs (benefits of cacoa)


Ezekiel bread with Nuttzo and an organic cage-free egg

Tuesday was an ambitious morning with a 4:30am wake-up for 5am Crossfit.  I had a 3 hour night class in the evening so I figured I would get it out of the way in the morning.  But of course..the school had a 2-hour delay so while everyone was hitting the Ignore button on their alarm, I was about 40 front squats and 200 double unders deep in my day and already home cooking up some wonderful egg-white oats.



This right here is a glorious bowl of superfoods:  oats, egg whites, cinnamon, maca powder, goji berries, hemp seeds, raw cacoa nibs, unsweetened coconut flakes, and frozen organic strawberries.

Okay. Enough with food.  Lets talk about new and exciting changes in my already busy schedule!  This winter I will be helping out with coaching the high school indoor track team in the town I teach in!  This is even more exciting because I actually attended the high school when I was a kid/teen.  After years of playing basketball, I quit my sophomore year to join the newly launched indoor track program.  To go back and help out a program that grew me as a runner and an athlete is extremely rewarding.

However, when I first got asked to help, the mere thought of adding another thing to my schedule had me terrified.  I am a creature of habit…the thought of change immediately freaks me out.  I need to learn that every time my schedule changes, I always manage to make the adjustment just fine and it rarely interferes with my training.  In fact, this will actually HELP my training because I will be training with the girls… which means SPEED! It is time to incorporate track workouts into my training schedule!  Speaking of time, this also means I will be doing more 5am Crossfit rather than evening classes.  Hello 4:30am.  Like all things, it will be a little rough in the beginning but with time, it all becomes routine.

Today was the first practice and there was a rush of emotion being back on the same track I was on 8 years ago.  It was also extremely strange running with people.  I always run on my own with my lovely little iPod.  It was so nice to run and chat…man those miles just fly by when you’re talking. 

With another fitness related addition to my schedule, I need to really make sure that I take care of my body and listen to the signals.  The balance of Crossfit and running is always a bit of a struggle and takes tons of self-awareness and self-discipline to ensure that I don’t do more than my body can handle.  Sometimes it means skipping runs or skipping workouts but in the long run, it always beats an injury.